Reusing Hotel Towels May be More Harmful To the Environment Than Thought

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Just when you think you've got this environment thing figured out, you learn that reusing towels and linens at hotels may be doing more harm than good. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, hotels account for 15% of the water used by commercial and institutional facilities in the country. With laundry equaling 16% of a hotel’s water consumption, it’s understandable why lodgings put up those little bathroom signs that encourage guests to reuse towels to help save the environment. However, a review claims that the practice could actually be detrimental not only to Mother Nature, but to public health as well. The study says that delaying washes could make it harder to remove dirt and stains from the fabric, which in turn would require more chemical cleansers and more time in the washer. Because of the multiple washings and additional cleaners, this "green" cleaning system ultimately cancel out whatever gains made from reusing towels. Then there are the harmful effects on hotel employees who are exposed daily to these harsh chemicals, with many suffering from many respiratory reactions. It also may be a health hazard for guests as well as delaying cleaning of linens, carpets, curtains and not only gross but it could also affect a guest’s health. The report recommends hotels should invest in energy-efficient washing machines instead.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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