iPhone Face ID Hack To Unlock Using Your Masked Face

Woman wearing a surgical mask
Photo credit © Enzo Nguyen@Tercer Ojo Photography
By 98.5 KTK

One of the first things you'll notice when wearing a mask is that your iPhone doesn't recognize your face, forcing you to use you passcode, or worse, remove your mask to unlock it. Researchers have now shared a hack that trains the technology to accept your face with or without a mask. Take a brand new mask or freshly cleaned cotton mask and fold it in half vertically. Place your folded mask on one side of your face and hold it in the lower middle position with your hand. Make sure the upper corner covers half of the tip of your nose. Now, open the Face ID section of your iPhone by going to "Settings," then "Face ID" and "passcode." Move your head as instructed to scan your new masked appearance. You can also make your masked photo an "Alternate Appearance." However, the team found that not all masks will work with the trick. It seems that those made of soft material are recognizable while rigid masks may not work for this hack. They also note that it doesn't always work so you may need to be patient or to just use your numerical passcode.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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