You Can Buy Unused Snacks From Airline

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Our inability to travel these days has led us to recreate airplane window views, vacation scenes, and scroll through our camera rolls in complete nostalgic despair. It was only a matter of time before we truly hit rock bottom in our desire for the total travel experience: eating airplane food. Yes, people are actually getting airplane food delivered to their homes. It seems undesirable and maybe like a cry for help, but it's really a noble act!  JetBlue is one airline that has reduced service to many destinations an even stopped visiting 12 cities temporarily!  That sudden change has left them with thousands of cheese and snack trays that would've been served on their flights. But rather than having them go to waste, they teamed up with Imperfect Foods, an online surplus-stock grocery delivery company that sells to the public. So now, you can get a three-ounce snack packs of mixed cheeses, crackers, and dried cherries from JetBlue Airways for $2.99. Compared to the in-flight cost of $11.99, it is a steep discount! JetBlue also donated a number of leftover snacks to local hospitals and organizations throughout Boston and Fort Lauderdale.

SOURCE: Delish

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