Keeping Hand Sanitizer In Your Car Makes It Less Effective And Could Potentially Explode

hand sanitizer
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By 98.5 KTK

The good news is that finding hand sanitizer is easier than it was a few weeks ago.  Experts now warn to keep those bottles out of your hot car because its active ingredient, alcohol, could evaporate, making the sanitizer less effective. And if that wasn't already an alarm, there has been documented cases of hand sanitizer bottles exploding due to the high heat inside a car's interior. It is not uncommon to keep hand sanitizer in the cr because it is an effective alternative in keeping your hands germ free when soap and water are not available. However there is some good news in that short term storage in your vehicle, such as running to the grocery store, doesn't appear to make sanitizer less effective.  The key is to not store it in your vehicle. Keeping bottles of the stuff inside your home, perhaps in a box next to your keys, is the safest way to store it.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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