Keeping Coronavirus Out Of Your Home

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It is looking more ominous that the COVID-19 outbreak will get worse before it gets better and preventing the virus from entering your home is top priority. Health experts offer five pieces of advice in keeping coronavirus out of your home.  First, sanitize your hands before entering the house. Keep hand sanitizer on you at all time.  Use it before entering your car and once again before touching your home's door handle and light switch.  If you do not have sand sanitizer, keep a small bowl of water, a towel and a travel size hand soap inside your car.  Wash your hands when you get inside.  Keep one outside your home's door too. Since germs can live on surfaces like bags for several hours, don’t put your groceries on the counter unless you plan to disinfect thoroughly immediately after. Same goes for the just-delivered packages you might normally put on the kitchen table. While you’re at it, you can hang your purse or bag on a hook with your keys—or put them wherever you normally do, as long as you’re not cross-contaminating high-contact areas like your counter or dining room table. Kick off your shoes before entering your house and take off your work clothes in an isolated area of your home as soon as you walk in the door.  Since the virus can live on clothes and shoes, it's best to keep them isolated until you are able to clean them. Now that your dirty clothes are off your body, it’s time to remove the germs from your hands so you don’t transfer them to all the surfaces you’re about to touch in your home. After you’ve washed your hands, you can put away groceries or open up the mail. If you accidentally set potentially germ-ridden items on your counter, or potentially contaminated your doorknob or cabinet handles, practice targeted hygiene and disinfect those surfaces immediately with a bleach or alcohol-based cleaner.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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