Encourage Your Kids To Exchange Their Piggy Bank Coins For Paper Currency

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Coronavirus will be known as the virus that caused shortages, including coins. Reduced retail sales activity this year has slowed the pace of coin circulation so much that the Federal Reserve cannot provide businesses adequate amounts, which is why you are being asked to pay for items with exact change or use a credit or debit card. But the U.S. Mint says in a recent statement that the coin shortage is one part of this pandemic that we can solve, if we each do our part, including your children. The filling up of the piggy bank is a time-honored childhood tradition.  It can also be used as a lesson in helping out our country in its time of need. From  plopping the coins in a vending machine to taking a bag of coins to the banks and exchanging it for paper currency (just make sure you and your kids are wearing a mask and wash your hands upon returning from the bank) or simply giving you the cash in exchange for prizes or paper currency. Or, if your kids really want to make a difference right now, they can donate their change by filling up one of those charity donation boxes you often see in retail or fast food check-out lines. Many local non-profit organizations would probably also be happy to receive a coin donation right now.

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