Finding Lost 401K Funds

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Lost 401K funds are more common than you'd think.  For those who have worked at a few different jobs, there is a good chance you have 401K funds in your old employers fund that are not working for the most return.  So it's time to contact your former employer's HR department and ask if they have any 401(k) records in your name.  They should be able to help you move your money into another 401K or IRA. If your previous employer no longer exists due to bankruptcy, a merger, or simply a name change, you’ll need to track down the new entity and its 401(k) administrator. Unfortunately there is no centralized database for old retirement assets. But there are some places to start, such as the U.S. Department of Labor’s Abandoned Plan Database, which can help you determine what happened to your retirement plan as well as contact information for the plan’s current administrator. There is also the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, a federal agency which has a Missing Participants Program that connects employees with retirement savings they may have forgotten about. Once you locate your account, there are no restrictions on the funds. You can work with your administrator to withdraw them or roll them over to an IRA or an existing 401(k). But bear in mind that withdrawing the funds will be subject to the usual income tax and early withdrawal penalties that come with a 401(k).

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