Use A Lunchbox To Help Picky-Eaters Find New Foods

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Picky eating is something just about every parent deals with at some point. From colors to texture, it can be exhausting to even get them to try something new. That’s where a lunchbox can come to the rescue. As odd as it may sound, child psychologists say that a lunchbox can be used to let kids “discover” new foods on their own. It start before they head off to school with their lunch. Packing their lunch the night before with you gives your child a sense of ownership and control, which makes it appear they are picking out new foods. Offering things you know they will eat, combined with one or two options they may eat, is a good way to introduce foods. A helpful tip involves a trip to the grocery store. Let them pick one new item each week while you shop can make trying them exciting and fun. Just be prepared for the new food to not to be eaten at first.  Most often, it takes 10-12 introductions to a new food, especially if it’s a vegetable, before a child may say they like it. And when selecting a lunchbox, look for one with separate compartments or that have separate containers as picky eaters can often get overwhelmed when they see all of their food jumbled together. Fussy kids also typically don’t like their food “messy” so the key is to avoid that with a bento box-style lunchbox that of course your child picked out. Letting your child pick out their own lunchbox offers a moment of independence for them and if they are proud of what they choose, they are more likely to be excited about what’s in it. Putting the extra time and attention into your kid's lunchbox could makes lunchtime a highlight of their day and even open their minds to some new foods.

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