Two Men Glue Winning Numbers On Lottery Scratch Off Ticket

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Tonight's Powerball lottery jackpot is an estimated $258 million and for the first time ever, Mississippi will become part of the multi-state Powerball and Mega Millions jackpot starting January 30th. In November of 2019, it became the 45th state to offer a state-sponsored lottery program, so residents aren't too familiar with how the lottery works.  That would explain why two men were arrested for allegedly attempted to scam the state lottery commission by gluing winning numbers onto a ticket.  47-year old Odis Latham and 48-year old Russell Sparks arrived at the Mississippi Lottery Commission headquarters Monday morning with a scratch off ticket they claimed was the winning ticket of $100,000.  However employees became suspicious immediately realized that the numbers on the ticket had been altered, and 'appeared that glue had been used" to appear as a winning ticket. A scan of the ticket's barcode confirmed the ticket was not a winner. The two men were arrested and charged uttering counterfeit instrument over $1,000 and conspiracy to commit felony. Latham was additionally charged with false ID information. Alabama, Utah, Nevada, Hawaii and Alaska are the only states without a state-run lottery system. The Florida Lottery turns 33 on January 12th.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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