The Most Popular Days To Call Out Sick

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Feeling sick? Maybe just a bit hungover from the weekend? Maybe you need a "me" day. Well, you’re not alone. Or unique. It turns out across the country when you’re “sick,” so is everyone else. Website traffic has been analyzed for the days when the most people are playing hooky from work. Monday is by far the most popular day, with 20% of sick day searches occurring on the first day of the workday.  On the flip side, Friday is the least popular weekday according to the data. As for the "sickest" day of 2019, it was Thursday, December 26th. In fact, holidays heavily impact sick days. Seven of the 10 sickest days in 2019 were holiday-related. Number 2 on the list for 2019 was the Monday after Easter 4/22/19), followed by the day after New Year (1/2/19), the Monday after Mother's Day (5/13/19) and the Monday after Independence Day (7/8/19) round out the top 5. Holidays are contagious apparently. People are significantly more likely to call in sick near a holiday. In general, the closer the holiday is to a weekend, the greater the chance of people calling in sick.

SOURCE: Fast Company

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