Do This One Thing First When You Get A Job Offer

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After getting a job offer, the first thing most of us do is celebrate. However before you pop the bottle of champagne, job recruiters say you should begin negotiations. Even though having a conversation about compensation can be uncomfortable, it’s important to do so. In fact, 41% of candidates negotiate every job offer—good or bad and or those who did negotiate, 83% say they received higher pay. But you will need to do your homework before the offer is made.  Try and find out how long the company has been looking, what kind of turnover they’ve had in the role and why, and how urgent the hire is for them. If you’re the right candidate and you know the company is challenged, it can give you an advantage in negotiating. Research the market salary range for the position from sources such as and  They will be able to shed light on what individuals who do what you do get paid and how the salary may vary based on location and length of experience. Negotiate based on the value you bring to the table. Tie the value of the salary you are requesting to the impact you will make on the company in a quantifiable manner, and then attach your salary request to this equation. This will help the employer see that they are getting an excellent deal when it comes to return on investment. Make sure you negotiate more than money.  Although you may only be able to get a lower salary offer, consider other options that will benefit you such as subsidized childcare, a transportation allowance, or stock options. And if the employer has a hard limit on the starting salary, consider negotiating for the future. Perhaps you can identify clear metrics that would trigger an increase in salary 6 or 12 months into the job.

SOURCE: Fast Company

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