Requesting your kids to pause their video games is outdated parenting

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By 98.5 KTK

Your child is playing an online multiplayer game on their tablet, computer or other electronic device. It’s also time for dinner, or you need their help with something, or they’ve got a chore to do and you instruct them to "pause" the game and then resume it later.  Not only is this outdated parenting but it interferes with life lessons.  Most of today's video games are played in real time and kids are usually on some type of team with other players.  If they leave before the game is over, they are probably putting their teammates in a more precarious situation. They don’t want to be abandoned that way, and they don’t want to do the abandoning. Online video games may not be a physically active as playing football or volleyball, but it is still a competitive activity among kids who have built a camaraderie with each other and are working together toward a goal. It is why it is even more important to set up structured game time so your child knows exactly how long they have to play before chores, homework or dinner, so they can plan for it with their teammates. This isn’t a case of the child running the show; it’s a case of the parent modeling respect and patience for another person who is in the middle of something that is important to them—and that’s always a good lesson.

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