The Most Trustworthy Profession In America

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People want to have faith in the products they buy, the people they employ, and the information they read. Having a good reputation is a big part of that trust. In the workplace, some professions are more reputable than others. A recent survey gave a rating for 22 occupations in terms of honesty and ethical standards. 85% of those surveyed said that nurses are the professionals they trust the most. It should be no surprise as nurses have been consistently ranking at the top for 18 years! Doctors and pharmacists also did well in the honesty league with 67% and 66% placing a high level of trust in each profession respectively. High school teachers ranked as the fourth most-trusted profession with 60% making that claim, with police officer rounding out the top 5 at 54%.  As for the least-trust professions in America, Lawyers only have a 19% trust factor, followed by business executives at 17%. And while car salespersons and members of Congress have the faith of only 5% of America, members of Congress had the highest  level of untrustworthiness of all with 58% of Americans not trusting them further than they can see them!

SOURCE: Reader's Digest

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