The Online Video Hacks That Are Truly Useless

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You've seen the videos on social media of seemingly simple life hacks that give you that "gee whiz" moment.  However much like those Instagram photos of beautiful bakings, some hacks are just useless in real life. For instance, videos circulate about people wanting to avoid the airline’s checked bag fee by wearing their luggage. While it may appear smart, airlines can deny you boarding if they feel your extra layers of clothing will endanger your life or the lives of others in the event of an emergency.  Not to mention the extra time wasted in the TSA line.  It's a fee you should budget for or minimize your packing to a carry-on. While it sounds healthy to make your own sunscreen, researchers surveyed a wide sample of sunscreen recipes on Pinterest and found over 70% offered next-to-no-sun protection and lie to our face.  While the majority of recipes claim a SPF30 rating, there is no testing to back up the claim.  Finally using toothpaste to tackle acne. The claim is that the antibacterial ingredient, triclosan, will cause zits to dry up faster. But most toothpastes have removed the ingredient due to health concerns. Not to mention other ingredients in toothpaste, such as baking soda, alcohol, menthol, and in some cases hydrogen peroxide, can actually burn your skin.

SOURCE: Cracked

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