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Dumbwaiters, built-in vacuums and laundry chutes are all examples of features that were once cutting edge are now outdated. But just as a carriage house isn't a necessity today, many home features in your home may be outdated in the next decade. It’s important to update your house with the times—and not just for the sake of function. Updating will increase the resale value of your home, as well. Here, we’ve got pros’ bets on what won’t make the cut a few years from now. Wired technology, such as speakers, intercom and security alarm system have been replace with wireless technology.  So if you are planning a reno, think "smart" and "wireless."  Standard devices and appliances are being upgraded for smart counterparts, which can connect to phones so they can be controlled from afar, set on timers, and more. Smart versions of thermostats, smoke detectors, and door locks are available; even large appliances such as refrigerators and ovens have smart features. Traditional three-prong outlets are outdated. Outlets in newer houses are accommodating USB ports to maximize charging options and make it easier to juice up a phone without a charging block. Traditional media and A/V rooms are dated too. In a wireless world with smart televisions and streaming videos on your handheld devices, dedicating an entire room to home theater equipment is no longer necessary. The same goes for home offices, as Wi-Fi is now widespread and more and more people have mobile work setups with laptops. Finally rip out those built-in bookshelves. As more and more people read on digital devices like Kindles and iPads, print editions of books are becoming archaic.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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