An Outdoor Haircut And Style May Be Better For Your Health

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Florida remains one of the hotbed states for Coronavirus, just behind California which now has the highest positive count. Health officials are concerned with the upcoming fall and winter, the seasons in which viruses such as the flu become more active, that we will be forced to re-close indoor services.  California has closed spas, nail and hair salons again, which is disastrous for small business owners but there is a caveat. Beauty salons can remain open for business in California, so long as the services take place outside. This alternative comes from the CDC's recommendation that states encourage citizens to shift their traditionally indoor activities — like dining out at a restaurant, or getting a haircut — to an outdoor establishment. In fact, open-air barbershops were also introduced back in 1918 during the flu pandemic, with the thought that increased air flow would mitigate the spread of illness. So for us in Florida, it may be a good idea to have your next hair appointment al fresco. The evidence still stands today, your risk of contracting COVID19 while getting a haircut, or any traditionally close-contact indoor service, is lower as being outdoors will help to dissipate the virus if exhaled by a customer or beautician. However, an outdoor haircut is only a ‘low’ risk activity if everyone adheres to the safety precautions: wearing face masks properly, maintaining social distance until seated, washing hands, and staying home if they feel sick.

SOURCE: Refinery 29

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