When Will We See Toilet Paper Back On The Shelves?

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It seems like toilet paper and hand sanitizer should be back in stock by now. But that has not been the case. Over the past month, seeing empty store shelves of daily essentials has become the new normal. But when will we return to the old normal. Not soon, and it’s complicated. First, it is human nature that led us to panic buy in the first place. We don't want to be left without and as we go through our supply of TP, rice or bleach, our fear of "we're running out and I need more" causes us to search further to replenish a supply that otherwise is more than we need for the foreseeable future. Plus, unlike a hurricane, COVID-19 is worldwide. Retailers have game plans for emergencies like natural disasters, which might include rerouting products to different stores. Supply chains in the U.S. is one of the most efficient in the world that leaves very little excess. When it comes to daily essentials, production level is already at its maximum, so it is hard for manufacturers to step up production, especially if they are short-staffed excuse of coronavirus. In short, we all have to play the waiting game.  Products currently in short supply are being produced and shipped but don't expect a phone call to your grocery or department store to ask when they’re getting a shipment of products, don’t be surprised if they won’t tell you (or pretend not to know) as it could incite a rush of shoppers to a store that’s trying to enforce physical distancing standards. But don't worry, the U.S. is not at risk for considerable food shortages for several months even if production is reduced or delayed.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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