The Average Parents Has Not Been On A Romantic Date in Over Three Years

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Keeping the romantic spark alive after having children is undoubtedly a challenge, but a new survey of 2,000 U.S. parents finds that the romance is very dead in an alarmingly high number of households. According to the research, the average parent hasn’t been on a romantic date in three years! Moreover, three in 10 respondents can’t even recall the last date they went on. When respondents were asked what they miss most about life before having kids, spending time with their significant other was the most popular answer (45%), followed by going on dates (44%), and less responsibility (40%). Surprisingly, many respondents said they aren’t particularly upset about the lack of romance in their life. A prominent 77% said they are more fulfilled with their life today than they ever were before starting a family. Working parents in particular love spending time with their kids after a long day on the job. The top activity moms and dads look forward to at the end of the day was preparing dinner for the family (44%), followed by tucking the kids into bed (39%), reading bedtime stories (37%), snuggling with their children (35%), and cuddling with their significant other (35%).

SOURCE: Study Finds

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