What Teachers Need From Parents This School Year

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By 98.5 KTK

Back-to-school shopping lists are filled with supply requests from teachers. But this year, things are undoubtedly different. Regardless of whether your child will attend school in-person or virtually, their teachers will need your help to ensure that the entire process works for everyone. While each classroom, each school, and each teacher will have different needs, these ideas from teachers about what they need from parents this school year will help make the transition easier for everyone. Please be flexible. As an educator who will likely be teaching both online and in-person, the teacher's style will have to will have to change this year and that will be an adjustment. When it comes to supplies, reach out to your student's teacher and ask specifically when that need. Many teachers are setting up Amazon wish lists and parents could definitely reach out to the teacher or search their name to help. When it comes to preparing for this school year, teachers could use help from parents to ensure that kids know what their duty is once inside the classroom. Make sure kids understand that this year may look different, but that their teachers and school staff are still there for them just like any other year. They may have different rules that the kids need to follow, but it's important to listen and follow the rules to help everybody learn. Keep calm and don't scare your kids. Remind them of the things teachers are doing are to keep them safe. Above all, grace. At the end of the day, teachers may not even know what they need until they start teaching during this unprecedented time, so it's up to parents to show a bit of grace as the year unfolds. Be supportive of what teachers ask as we are all walking on uncharted territory and we won't have all the answers but teachers and school staff will use their best professional judgment given these circumstances.

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