A Peanut-Allergy Drug Approved For Children

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The FDA has given the green-light for the first-ever peanut-allergy drug specifically for children ages 4 to 17. The new drug is called Palforzia and apparently it is a powder that you sprinkle on food that will increase the amount of peanut protein in various foods over a six month period. Eventually this will add up to one peanut. The idea is that patients with allergies to peanuts will develop a tolerance to two to four peanuts. The new drug will not actually cure any peanut allergies, or work to prevent people from developing them at a young age. By taking the drug, you still won’t be able to eat peanuts and feel fine without any reactions, so children using the drug will still have to keep EpiPens and other sources of medical assistance with them, just in case. Still, the drug is a huge step in helping to manage treatment of symptoms, and for making the bodily response to peanut exposure less serious and deadly. Roughly 1.2 million children and teens in the United States, or just over 2% of the non-adult population, have peanut allergies.  Unfortunately, as many new trademarked medications that hit the market, Palforzia isn't cheap. Estimates are an average cost per month of $890. Talk to your child's pediatrician if you think this will help your child conquer their peanut allergy.

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