Have Your Kids Practice Wearing A Face Mask At Home

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You might have seen the social media photo of students cramming the halls at North Paulding High School in Georgia with virtually no one wearing a mask. That school has now suspended in-person classes for two days after six students and three staff members tested positive for coronavirus. While that school had a voluntary mask policy, many school districts including Alachua and Marion county schools, are requiring face masks while on school property.  The problem is trying to get younger kids to wear a mask for longer than 15 seconds can be a challenge to say the very least. But you can practice wearing a mask before the kids return to the classroom. Tie mask-wearing to screen time. They want to watch a 30-minute show? Okay, as long as you practice wearing your mask the whole time! Want to play Minecraft with your friends for an hour? Sure, grab your mask! Kids likely want screen time more than they don’t want to wear a mask, so that’s a good place to start. Of course, they have to get used to wearing it during non-screen-based activities, too. So once they’ve become acclimated to wearing it during TV or tablet time, add in other “mask times” throughout the day, such as when you play a board game together after dinner or while you read to them at bedtime (you can encourage them by wearing one, too). While they wear their mask, make sure to check they’re wearing it properly—covering both their nose and mouth—and fiddling with it as little as possible. If they touch the front of it or take it off to readjust it, direct them to wash their hands. Enough hand-washes may help drive home the point that once the mask is on, we leave it alone. It’s not necessary for them to wear masks all day long at home in the lead-up to the start of the school year, but it’s a good idea to get some solid practice in now so they’re less distracted by the discomfort of the mask when they enter into a school year that will already look and feel drastically different in so many other ways.

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