Quickly Break In Shoes With This Hack

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The joy of wearing a new pair of shoes only lasts until that first miserable blister forms on your foot. It takes time to beak in new shoes but with this simple hack you can break them in before your first wearing! Best of all, you already have the tools to do it at home! You’ll need a hairdryer, one regular pair of socks, and one pair of the thickest socks you can find. Slip on both the regular and extra-thick socks and then cram your foot into the shoe. If your feet feel almost unbearably squished, you’re doing it right. Now, turn your hair dryer on its hottest setting and pass it over the tightest parts of your shoes. Once you feel the shoe loosening up, switch off the dryer, walk around while your shoes cool down, and then take them off. Try them on again without the extra socks to see if they’re sufficiently stretched out—if not, repeat the process. However you need to take care that the heat from the hair dryer doesn't damage or melt fabrics that make up your shoe. Don’t try this hack if your shoes are made from plastic or any other synthetic materials.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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