This App Will Solve A Rubik's Cube For You

Rubik's Cube competition
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One of the most iconic symbols of the 1980s is the Rubik's Cube and since it debuted in 1980, it has sold more than 250 million worldwide and for many getting the cube's color back to match the side's color is pretty much impossible, until now. The Magic Cube Solver is a free app for iOS that calculates the fastest route to solving a Rubik's Cube based on its current pattern. To use it, start by inputting your cube's information by tapping the squares in the app's model and selecting the right colors. Hit "solve" and the tool will display step-by-step visual instructions you can follow to complete the puzzle. The stages are all laid out together and each one comes with a picture of what the cube looks like before and after you make your move, making it easy to follow along. No matter what configuration you're starting with, Magic Cube Solver will show you how to solve it in no more than 22 steps. The app acts as more than a cheat to a particularly hard pattern. If you're interested in boosting your Rubik's Cube skills, you can select the "solve and learn" option after entering your information. This not only shows you the steps to take to solve it, but why it suggests those steps in the first place. Perhaps you can improve your Rubik's Cube skills enough to become a speedcuber and participate in a World Cube Association competition.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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