Pumpkin Patch And Corn Maze Safety

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We are less than a month away from the official beginning of autumn (September 22, 2020) and as we look forward to drinking a pumpkin spice latte and picking out a pumpkin at the patch, our beloved fall traditions will have to adapt to a world of coronavirus. Although pumpkin patches and corm mazes are outdoors, they can become crowded at times, and that may have you wondering if it is safe.  Experts agree as long as you follow certain safety guidelines, you can absolutely go to the pumpkin patch or corm maze safely.  First, call ahead to find out what their COVID-19 polices are and what they’re doing to keep visitors safe. Every business is different, and since the mandated restrictions vary so much by location, there’s no way to know what procedures will be implemented without talking to the business. Ask how they plan to monitor social distancing, crowds, and other safety concerns. If you don’t feel comfortable with how they’re handling the situation, stay home. Check with the business and ask what days are the least busy.  Another safe bet is to go early, preferably when they first open as crowds tend to be lighter at the opening time. As with everything you do in public these days, wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer. Pumpkin or apple-scented hand sanitizer will make the experience more fun for little ones. While it is important to be cautious for safety sake, it is also important to keep as many traditions as possible for the mental health of you and your family.

SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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