Remember To Be Safe When Returning To Retail Stores & Restaurants

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Governor Ron DeSantis announced this week that most of Florida will enter what he called “phase one” of the reopening process starting Monday (5/4/20) with retail stores and restaurants opening to 25% of capacity. It is important to remember that things aren't back to normal. Phase one maintains current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including vulnerable individuals continuing social distancing while in public, avoiding groups of 10 or more and using face masks in public when you can’t maintain six feet away from others. Some other safety measures you can do is to not try and hit all the stores at once. Choose one of these nonessential places to visit, then avoid the rest to limit your exposures to other people. So if you are going to eat dinner at a restaurant, don't go to a retail store then a gas station. The more public places you visit, the higher your likelihood of becoming infected or infecting others. Health officials have warned that reopening now could mean a resurgence of the virus.

SOURCE: CNN & Click Orlando

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