Skip These Organic Foods And Save Money

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Eating organic is great in theory. Foods that are farmed without the use of chemical pesticides and humanely-treat animals is a good way of living. However it comes at a price that can quickly drain your wallet.  Nutritionists encourage you to eat organic but say not all organic foods are worth the money.  For instance organic macaroni and cheese is just a waste of money. Pasta doesn't need to be organic because it’s so highly processed that the outer layers of the wheat, the part that pesticides adhere to, are stripped off, making pesticide residue of little concern. Organic bananas are often just a few cents more per pound than their conventional counterparts so it may be tempting to think, “Better safe than sorry.” But there’s really no difference between organic and regular bananas since the thick, inedible peel keeps any pesticides out. In fact melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew) and citrus (lemons, limes, and oranges) are protected from pesticides with their thick rinds, which generally are not consumed. Skip the organic candy and cookies as these foods are mostly processed and the organic label is used to make these appear to be healthier when they are still processed junk food.

SOURCE: The Healthy

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