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You've probably seen the stories about people who are ignoring the advice to practice physical distancing in the time of coronavirus. Maybe it's because they don't believe or don't understand why isolation works in a time of pandemic. They've heard the logic, and maybe even seen the famous "flatten the curve" visual, but somehow, they still don't get it. Perhaps you should show them the Social Distancing Calculator, which shows precisely how individual actions save lives. It takes into consideration isolated you are. For instance, if you stick to the 6 foot separation but continue to visit public spaces, after a month, you individual actions may protect 162 people from an infection, but at the same time you may infect 243 more people. That could result in the death of 9 people in total. If you limit your interactions to just immediate friends and family, you'll be protecting an estimated 329 people from possible infection, while practicing zero physical distancing and isolation can result in roughly 405 more infections, resulting in 14 deaths. Although it is nearly impossible to change the minds of some people, perhaps hard numbers can get those minds to consider some short-term changes for the long term good of our overall health and economy.  

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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