You Can Stil Apply For Your Kid's Missing Stimulus Payment

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If you received your economic stimulus check but your child did not, you have until September 30, 2020 to file and claim it. The IRS announced a new registration period for missing stimulus payments for eligible dependent children under 17 to receive a catch-up payment of $500 per child. You can submit information through the Non-Filers Tool at the IRS website. The Non-Filers Tool will ask for your child’s name, Social Security number or Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number, and their relationship to you or your spouse. You must apply through the Non-Filers Tool before the September 30 deadline—otherwise, you may not get the $500 dependent payment until next year. If you already submitted your child’s information through the non-filers tool after May 5, you don’t need to take further action. The IRS says you will automatically receive the missing payment in October, along with a letter confirming the payment by mail. The money should arrive the same way you received your first stimulus payment. You may check on the payment status through the Get My Payment tool, which also shows how you will receive the money. The IRS updates this tool once per day overnight, so you don’t need to check more than once per day. [APPLY HERE]

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