Ways We Are Ruining Our Stash Of Wine

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Beyond personal preference, most of us have a hard time determining what a good wine is or not. Not being a trained sommelier, we also have little knowledge on how to store wine. But all you have to do is ask a wine steward and they'll tell you what to do.  Fortunately, we asked and have four tips to pass along to you about storing wine. You should not be storing your wine in the refrigerator.  A chilled glass of wine can be refreshing after a long day, but if you are not planning on drinking the chilled wine within a month, you'll need to store it on a cool, dry and dark place in your home.  The refrigerator is too cold and will stunt the flavor development and unlike a refrigerator designed for wine, it can dry out the cork leading to shrinkage and permitting air to enter the bottle. Speaking of that cork, storing wine upright for longer than a month can also lead to the cork drying out. So invest in a wine rack that tilts the bottle towards the top. You can make an exception if the bottles have screw caps, glass or plastic corks.

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