Things You Should Do At Least Once A Year

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Just handling day-to-day tasks can be a monster achievement! But sometimes it can be even harder to keep tabs on those to-dos that only need annual attention. So here's a list of items you should do at least once a year.  First is a trip to your doctor.  Although you probably don’t need an annual physical, having your physician check you out isn't a bad idea. Eye exams, mole checks, and even dentist visits should be done annually. That health check should also be extended to your pets too. Take a look at your credit.  You are entitled to a free credit report from each reporting agency once a year. While you’re at it, consider scheduling an annual sit-down with a financial advisor as well to review your money, your plans, and any changes in the market that may have occurred over the course of the year. Drain your hot water heater. Your hot water heater needs to be checked every six months and drained at least every 12 months. Draining it will help it last longer by eliminating any minerals or debris that have built up and could cause the unit to break down. It’s a job you can do yourself with a little time and a hose, so pick a Saturday, read the instructions, and hop to it. Also replace the batteries in your smoke detectors.  This way, that annoying little beep that you can't seem to find will never happen! It’s a good idea to keep an eye on beauty products and stay diligent when it comes to refreshing the supply. In particular, nail polish, sunscreen, hair products, lipsticks and liners, eyeliner, brow pencils, face creams, foundation, cream eyeshadows and blushes, cleansers, and other like items should not sit on your shelf for more than a year. You should get your wheel alignment checked about once a year (if you drive a lot or have a habit of hitting potholes, you might need to get them realigned more frequently). Having properly oriented wheels makes a huge difference in how your car rides and performs. Not only that, it’s better for the hardware, which will save you money and time as the car ages. Check up on your retirement plan at least once a year to figure out how things are going, whether you can or should be contributing more, and make considerations about whether you want to tweak your savings plan and/or investments.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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