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All of us could benefit from a trip to a hair stylist.  Some more than others, especially if you need color.  But as we adapt to the new norm, there are some tricks you can use to stretch more time in between your hair color appointments. Hindsight is 20/20, but the closer you are to your true shade, the less color maintenance your hair will require. If you naturally have jet black strands and you bleach them Gwen Stefani platinum blonde, regrowth is going to be swift and glaring, meaning you'll probably need your salon on speed dial. Unless you're committed to upkeep, stick to a color within two shades of your natural base. Switching up your part can make roots look less obvious too. Flipping your hair so it falls in a different direction, or creating a zig-zag part, which helps break up the root area, making re-growth less apparent. Don't straighten your hair. When you straighten your hair, the roots become more obvious. Opt for a blowout or beachy waves which can help make roots appear less visible. Use an at-home root color and focus on the hairline and part. This will keep your regrowth and grays covered for up to three weeks.

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