Top Alibis Cheaters Use

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There are signs that a partner is being unfaithful and according to a website that specifically aimed at people having affairs, the alibis cheater use are pretty common. For men, its "watching football" and the top excuse for women is "going to the gym." The survey of 2,000 adults found out the most popular alibis used by cheaters are pretty basic. For cheating men, sports are a common theme.  Besides watching football, play golf, working late in the office, socializing after work and a guys night out were the top5 excuses.  For women, Night out with the girls ranked two, followed by working late in the office, socializing after work and walking the dog were pretty popular. If you do suspect your partner is cheating, your best bet, as always, is to talk to them about what’s really going on. Don’t go jumping to conclusions just because perfectly reasonable activities have been used as cover-ups by people having affairs. Maybe your other half really is playing golf every Thursday evening. Give them the chance to explain, but remember that if you can’t trust a thing that comes out of your other half’s mouth, that’s a problem in itself.


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