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Halloween is usually a pretty standard holiday, but thanks to 2020, families are now left wondering how they'll celebrate something that's usually so simple as costume, neighborhood, candy. But whether you plan to trick-or-treat as usual or opt to keep the kids in and watch spooky movies together, candy is sure to be involved. So regardless of how you get your treats this year, should you wipe down Halloween candy before you or your kids eat it? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend practicing social distancing and lots of hand-washing no matter how you celebrate on Halloween this year. But their Halloween guidelines don’t mention sanitizing any surfaces or candy wrappers. Generally individually-wrapped candies are sold in big plastic bags are safe.  It may be a good idea to wipe down that big bag, but the candies inside hasn’t been recently touched, so it should be fine when giving it to your own child.  This year, it may be a better idea to hand out individual pieces of candy to children (while wearing your face mask) rather than having them reach in a bowl or bag for their own.  Above all else, handing candy outside, proper washing of hands (full 20 seconds with soap) in between candy handouts and limiting the number of trick-or-treaters collecting candy to one at a time will ensure the safest delivery of treats. As for the candy collected, parents should make sure kids hands are clean before digging in. While early reports showed the virus can live up to a week on surfaces, more recent findings from August suggest that our best educated guess is it can survive about a day under the right circumstances. So you may want to bring your own treats from home for kids to snack on as they trick-or-treat and "rest" the candy collected until the next day. But much of the risk can be almost eliminated if you just wash your hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap.

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