Talk With Your Partner About Your Expectations On Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is Friday and for many couples, it is a confusing time.  For many couples, expectations are usually followed by disappointment when there are no flowers received at work or no romantic dinner planned. Relationship experts recommend you check in with your own expectations. What are you hoping that you’ll receive on Valentine's Day? How do you want to spend the day?  The blunt advice is for you to stop pretending that you don’t have expectations and that when you do, it open up a discussion with your partner on what you'd like to happen.   Oftentimes, we think our partners will just know what gifts we want or how we want to spend the day. Further, we assume what pleases us pleases our partner. This may be what happens in fairy tales, but in real life, this isn’t the case. Relationships are made up of two unique individuals who usually have different ideas and interests. When we don’t communicate and instead, assume our partner knows what we want, we often end up feeling disappointed and unfulfilled.  It’s easier to talk about a sensitive subject before it happens rather than after you feel hurt.

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