Your Walmart Is About To Be Redesigned

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Attention Walmart shoppers, your store is getting a new layout.  Thanks to the new normal of coronavirus and the double-digit growth of online sales, the retail giant is making some moves that signal the end of casually strolling through the store. Walmart is rearranging many items across the store, consolidating categories such as electronics, toys, and baby products into their own dedicated sections rather than having some items scattered. So rather than items, such as electronics, which have a department and several other displays throughout the store, they will all be placed in one area. The change is designed around the Walmart app to which management hopes to create a "seamless" shopping experience between the digital store and the physical one. The Walmart app will actually direct customers to the exact locations of items inside the store, with aisles more clearly labeled with numbers and letters to help people get a sense of direction. However the hidden reason for the redesign may be to increase profits. In 2017, Target renovated and redesigned its stores to be more browsable, resulting in the largest increase in foot traffic in 10 years.  However in the new normal of coronavirus, a Sunday stroll inside a huge store may not be want you want to do, which is why Target's curbside pickup demand is up 734% this year from last.  As for Walmart, the redesigned has begun with 200 stores to be completed before the end of the year and an additional 800 by the end of 2021.

SOURCE: Fast Company

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