Walmart Launches Subscription Service To Compete With Amazon Prime

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It appears Amazon Prime has legitimate competitor.  Walmart has announced its own subscription service, called Walmart+, which will offer free same-day delivery on the 160,000 items sold at Walmart Supercenters, including food. Included in the Walmart+ subscription service is the ability to scan items on your phone and check out through the mobile app and you will save five cents per gallon of gas purchased at Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs. The $98 a year, or $12.95 monthly subscription, will be available to purchase as of September 15th. That’s about $20 a year cheaper than Amazon Prime of $119 annually or $12.99 a month, which currently has more than 150 million members. For now, Walmart+ does not offer an entertainment component like Amazon (such as streaming movies and shows), but it could possibly be added to the service in the future. By comparison, it took Amazon nearly a decade to offer free music streaming, video streaming, and photo upload services to their Prime membership. Walmart+ goods are sold for their shelf prices, meaning there is no markup price for delivery (Both Amazon Prime and Walmart+ require a minimum $35 order for free same-day delivery, But Walmart has more locations than Amazon’s Whole Foods). While you can still order delivery ala carte for a $10 fee, if you  use or plan to use Walmart delivery 10 times a year or more, and could do without streaming or photo storage, then Walmart+ is a better deal than Amazon Prime.

SOURCE: Fast Company

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