Wash Your Hands To Your Favorite Song

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It may have taken the worldwide spread of a new disease, but people are finally washing their hands correctly. To protect yourself and your community from coronavirus, the CDC recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds frequently throughout the day. That was the recommended minimum time before the coronavirus outbreak, although for some it is new information! If you're struggling to keep track of exactly how long to scrub your hands with soap and water, an old trick has always been to sing "Happy Birthday" twice, which will get you to hit the recommended 20 second wash target. But thanks to a 17-year old website developer, you can substitute the Happy Birthday song with your favorite song instead to reach the 20-second mark. WashYourLyrics.com can break down just about any popular song into roughly 20-second segments by pairing Genius’s lyric database with Britain's National Health Service’s instructional poster on how to wash your hands properly. No matter what song you sing to yourself while you wash your hands, doing it thoroughly is the important thing. According to health officials, proper hand washing with soap and water is more effective than wearing a mask or using hand-sanitizer at protecting you from coronavirus. 

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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