Non-Traditional Ways To Clean The Toilet

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Some chores are easier than others.  Some you'd rather have someone else do. But cleaning the toilet has to be one of the more gross chores on your list. However there's more than one way to clean it effectively and perhaps add a little fun into the mix!  For instance, you can drop two Alka Seltzer into the bowl to clean it. Just "plop-plop" in the two tablets and lit it "fizz" for ten minutes. Scrub it with your toilet brush and give it a flush for an effectively effervescent clean. A cap of mouthwash can do the trick too. Let sit for 5 minutes and give it a scrub with your brush before the flush. For tough strains inside the bowl, a squirt of WD-40 does wonders.  Spray the stubborn area and let sit for a bit.  Give it a good scrub and flush away the problem.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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