Get Your Toddler To Kick The Pacifier Habit With Sabotage

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By 98.5 KTK
Pacifiers are a godsend for parents.  Babies like sucking on pacifiers because it reminds them of being in the womb. In fact, sucking is one of 5 womb sensations (known as the 5 S's) capable of triggering a baby's innate calming reflex. Eventually, though, you want them to be able to self-soothe. You could go cold turkey. You could “lose” them one by one. You could jump on the “Binky Fairy” bandwagon and leave them all out in a pile one night to be collected (with a special reward left as payment). You could even have a farewell ceremony. Or you could sabotage them, just a little bit, in a safe way—by poking a tiny hole into the tip of the nipple. Poking a small hole in the pacifier releases the air and makes it less satisfying to suck. It’s effective in helping kids lose interest in their former friend. Keep the hole very small (it’s best to use a needle) and make sure you don’t leave any pieces behind that might be swallowed. Don’t cut off the whole tip. This used to be a common method for weaning, but small pieces could break off over time and become a choking hazard. If they say their binky suddenly doesn’t feel the same—or as good—as it used to, simply tell them that’s because they’re getting big and are outgrowing the habit.

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