What To Expect Next Time Your Grocery Shop

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Chances are your pantry is looking pretty empty since your last trip to the grocery store. But in the age of coronavirus, you are going to or have already notice some changes. So it’s time to take those changes and adapt your shopping routine.  First spend extra time organizing your list. Your goal during this period of physical distancing should be to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible. It is not the time when you want to be crisscrossing the store because you walked right by that item you stuck onto the bottom of your list. If you typically go to the store with your partner or kids, it’s time to fly solo. The fewer people who are in the store at one time means the easier it will be to stay at least six feet apart. You might be surprised to find a line outside your store entrance if the staff is limiting the number of people who can shop at one time. Wait times can vary, but it’s best to expect you’ll have to wait. Some stores are having staff sanitize carts between shoppers. Some are still allowing you to wipe down your own. And some stores are out of sanitizing wipes altogether. It may not be a bad idea for you to bring your own sanitizing supplies to wipe you shopping cart or hand basket down. Expect the store to be out of a lot of items. While there is no food shortage, replenishing supplies from hoarders is taking some time; and it's not just toilet paper and disinfecting sprays.  Have a backup plan for out-of-stock items. I you’re just shopping for yourself, it’s easy to adjust when the grocery store is out of your favorite brand or flavor of a product. But if you’re shopping for anyone else, like a partner, child or neighbor, ask them this important question: “If they’re out of that kind, is there another option you prefer?” Finally, expect new bagging rules. If you usually bring your own reusable bags, you might find your store won’t use them right now. The virus isn’t known to survive very long on soft items like tote bags, but some stores that usually have baggers have been offering paper or plastic only in an effort to reduce the items store employees have to touch.

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