Microsoft No Longer Supporting Windows 7

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If your computer runs on Windows 7, it's time to upgrade as Microsoft will no longer provide technical support, software updates or security fixes for the operating system. With a market share of more than 25%, Windows 7 is still the second most used operating system after Windows 10 which has 55% of the market. Microsoft will use full-screen pop-up notifications on devices running Windows 7 to try to convince users to switch to the newer Windows 10. The notification will even go as far as advising customers to buy a new PC in order to be able to use Windows 10 properly. Because of Microsoft is ending technical and security updates for the decade old software, security experts warn you not to access banking, emails or other services containing sensitive information from devices on Windows 7 due to the high risk. In preparation for the update, it recommends users back up their files, get tips on Windows 10 and 'check out the latest PCs'. Companies which may not be ready for the move can choose to pay Microsoft for extended security updates through to January 2023.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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