Using A Wireless Charger May Be Shortening The Life Of Your Phone

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Charging your phone wireless is convenient but it is something you probably shouldn't lean on daily to charge your phone or mobile device. A recent wireless charger test found that the convenience of not using a wire can be shortening the life of your device!  Testers took a completely dead phone and let it fully charge via a wireless charging station and then again on an old fashioned cord. While charging through a cord, it took an average of 14.26 watt-hours (Wh). Using a wireless charger took, on average, 21.01 Wh. That comes out to slightly more than 47% more energy for the convenience of not plugging in a cable. In other words, the phone had to work harder, generate more heat, and suck up more energy when wirelessly charging to fill the same size battery. The experiment also found where to place your device on the wireless charger affected how many watt-hours it would take to charge his phone to full. Meaning if you’re not aligning the coils as well as you could be, so it’ll take more watt-hours for your device to charge.  The fastest way to charge your phone is with a cord. However if you have more time to charge, such as all night, and still like the convenience, then cut down the number of wireless charging stations to just your nightstand.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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