Florida Woman Threatens Fast Food Restaurant Over Dipping Sauces

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2020 is off and running for a slew of new Florida Man and Florida Woman stories. In fact we were a few hours into the New Year when a Vero Beach woman arrested for allegedly threatened to rob a McDonalds for not providing her with extra dipping sauces.  According to the police report, 19-year old Maguire McLaughlin placed a drive-thru order around 3:45 that was pretty massive, to which she paid for as she grabbed her order. But before driving off to enjoy her bounty, she asked an employee to give her one McDonald's dipping sauce in each of the eight flavors, including honey mustard, chipolata barbecue, creamy ranch and spicy buffalo. However McLaughlin was not happy when the employee informed her of the additional $.25 per packet charge, which lead to a verbal altercation. She then allegedly began hurling insults at staff and threatened to "rob" the eatery if she was denied her dipping sauce. She then added that she would get the condiments "by whatever means necessary," which was heard my multiple employees. Indian River Sheriff Deputies arrived on the scene and arrested her on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence, both misdemeanors. Deputies detected a smell of alcohol on McLaughlin's breath while speaking to her as well as noticed glassy eyes and slurred speech. She will have her day in court January 28th.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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