Your Employer Could Mandate You Take A COVID-19 Vaccine

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A safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine has not yet been approved for the public. There are currently seven vaccine producers currently in the clinical-trial phase with human participants, with four in the final stages. A vaccine is seen as critical in the battle plan against the virus and is instrumental in business returning "to normal" and workers returning to the office.  However even when a vaccine is available, over a third of Americans (44%) said they would not take it. The overwhelming majority of those surveyed said it is important to fully understand the effectiveness and side effects of a vaccine before taking. Knowing the importance of getting back to work, you shouldn't be surprised to be notified by your employer mandates you take the vaccine.  But is that legal?  Law scholars agree that it is not only legal but you could lose your job if you refuse. Health-care facilities often require that their employees get vaccinated as a condition of employment. But in most cases, employers can’t mandate a vaccine across the board under anti-discrimination laws. In the case of COVID-19, medical exemptions under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) means accommodations, such as continuing to work from home, must be available. However, don't be surprised if your employer requests a doctor's prescription. Most employers are likely to be flexible on COVID-19 vaccination in the interest of avoiding conflict within the company, bad publicity and potential litigation. Most likely, your employer will strongly suggest you get the vaccine.

SOURCE: MarketWatch

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