Mask Your Clutter With These Iconic TV Show Video Conferencing Backgrounds

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By 98.5 KTK
While working from home has its benefits, one of the drawbacks is that, with video meetings, all your coworkers are virtually entering your living space. Now your coworkers can see your pile of laundry, children toys strewn across the living room and the once-thriving houseplant that has died! If your video conference uses the Zoom platform, you are in luck! The interior design website, Modsy, have created background images you can use instead that are created from iconic TV show sets like Friends, Frasier, Gilmore Girls, Golden Girls, Will and Grace, and House of Cards.  Simply visit the Modsy website and select the interior design you like best. Maybe Chandler and Monica's apartment from Friends or Carrie's digs from Sex in the City.  Perhaps you’d like to work from the Golden Girls kitchen! Whatever background you choose, save it to your device before your next Zoom call.  Make sure your Zoom virtual background setting is on. When you’re on a Zoom call you’ll be able to change your background by clicking the little arrow next to the “start video/stop video” button. Then select “choose a virtual background.”  Click the plus (+) button on the right and add your favorite reimagined image. The good news is that you can use virtually any picture in the virtual background!

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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