Online Tool Helps Parents Helps Parents with Decision About The School Year

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There is less than two weeks away from the start of the new school year and many parents are debating if they will allow their student to physically return to the classroom or continue with distance learning from home. The CDC has a downloadable PDF that is designed to get you thinking by asking a series of questions about: your school’s plans and communications with parents; the feasibility of virtual, at-home learning for your specific child; the nuances of your kid’s academic and emotional well-being; and any necessary school-based services they require. However there is a more specific one called “School Options Decision Tool,” which asks both general and specific questions about returning to school, homeschooling and learning pods/co-ops. There is also a column for you to fill in another option, such as a hybrid schedule or an existing online school. You rate your answers on a scale of 1 to 5 for each option, from worst possible outcome to best possible outcome.  The result may be what you need for peace of mind about your kids safety.  Of course, you shouldn’t base such a big decision solely on what one or two questionnaires tell you, but if you are leaning towards a decision, this tool may make the difference.

SOURCE: Offspring

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