Creating Your Own Recipes

Simply math ratios are all you need!
Mixing bowl

Following a recipe is a great way to get started in the kitchen. However, once you’ve gotten the hang of combining ingredients, you may want to pen your own recipe and share it with friends and family. Surprisingly, creating a recipe is fairly easy as long as you follow some very basic math. Recipes are all about radios. How much of one ingredients mixes with another that has the same weight. So invest in a kitchen scale as this is key. Here are some basic ratios. For bread, it's 5:3. 5 parts flour (plus yeast, baking powder and salt) to 3 parts water. Pie dough and cookies are 3 parts flour to 2 parts fat to 1 part water. Pasta is 3 parts flour to 2 parts egg. Once you understand these ratios, you'll also find it unnecessary to keep referring to the recipe itself. CLICK HERE for more details.

SOURCE: Lifehacker