Ariana Grande sets her sights on saving all the pets

Ari to the rescue
Ariana Grande
Photo credit Getty Images

It’s widely known that Ariana Grande loves her pets just as much as she loves her ponytail. And now with Positions being released, Ari has her sights set on a new endeavor.

The “pov” singer took to Twitter today to share info about a brand new non-profit pet organization called, Orange Twins Rescue. She writes, “we are so happy, proud, and excited,” as she congratulates the pet rescue on the upcoming launch of their new website. Grande continues, “follow @orangetwinsrescue on Instagram for more.” The rescue is also on Twitter @orangetwinssave.

AG has always had a love for animals, whether it be a pet pig or a sweet pack of pups, so it only makes sense that her next humanitarian effort involves rescuing animals.

Grande has consistently utilized her platform for good. Throughout the 2020 Election, Ariana helped to energize the youth vote across social media, shared educational info about the importance of voting, how to vote, and where to vote. Ariana not only uses her voice for all the whistle tones we know and love, but she also uses her voice for equality and the welfare of humans and animals.

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On Instagram, Ari also shared info about the Orange Twins Rescue, teasing us with cute Microsoft paint graphics and pastel colors, that lead us to believe that this pet rescue site will not only be about helping animals, but will also possess the soft Ariana aesthetics that Arianators can’t get enough of.

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