LVMPD Announces Layoffs, Cites Coronavirus Economy

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By News and Talk Radio 840 AM

It seems there is no organization left untouched by the new economy created by the coronavirus pandemic.  

LVMPD officially announced a significant reduction of staff on Friday.   Their statement follows:

Southern Nevada is experiencing unprecedented economic impacts as a result of the coronavirus mitigation efforts. These impacts will result in sharp declines in revenue to state and local government, which in turn will force many difficult decisions in the upcoming months. The first of these difficult decisions were for the LVMPD to eliminate a total of 112 part-time positions, 103 of which are filled. Bureau commanders were provided the names of the affected employees and had until close of business Wednesday, April 8, 2020, to contact the employee and make notifications in person. All affected employees were compensated for hours worked through April 17, 2020.