Vegas traffic congestion down almost 20% year to year

Evening, city traffic jams, street road. Standing in a row cars, rear view, red stop lights.
Photo credit ANGHI/Getty Images
By News and Talk Radio 840 AM

Las Vegas, NV (KXNT) - Some of us may think that Vegas has some bad traffic, but a new survey ranks us as the city with only the 26th worst traffic in the nation.

The new study from GPS maker TomTom puts Los Angeles at the top of its list, followed by New York, Miami, and San Francisco.

No surprise that the study said February - the last month pre-pandemic - had the most traffic of 2020, while April - the first month of full lockdowns- had the least.

Overall for 2020, traffic congestion levels were down nationwide, with Las Vegas' congestion down 16 percent from 2019.

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